A Pistoia: Produzione di trafile per l'estrusione di pasta e snacks, macchinari ed accessori per pastifici


Welcome to Vignoli Trafile’s web site! This is a young and dynamic Company producing extrusion dies for pasta and snacks, machines and accessories for pasta factories.
It is located in Pistoia, the birth-place of dies producers, and operates in the Italian market with a close and challenging team, ready to understand any pasta producers’ requirements.

The Company

Our Company is young but rich in expertise. Fully aware of the artisan skill that has developed for years in this field, we are able to meet even the slightest customer’s expectation, thanks to our high quality standards obtained through our competent technicians who properly worked for years in the most important companies of this field and have now decided to offer a new opportunity to their customers.

Our skilled staff is constantly supported by outstanding people with an over-than-forty-year experience. Professional skill is combined with advanced planning technologies and a dynamic and elastic structure, so that, day by day, we can easily change our plans in order to answer to particular delivery requests.

In virtue of this small and elastic structure, we can meet our customers’ needs in a very short time with quotations, technical drawings, plans, etc. We are able to personalize every type of dies, pre-dies, penne cutting disks, dies washing machines and cutting devices, on the basis of pasta producers’ requests.

Our Sales Department is endowed with both commercial and technical skills. It is formed by experts who are always at the customers’ disposal and can easily reach their factories to support them, study their problems and suggest efficient solutions.

Know how

Ingots for dies: The supply of raw ingots is monitored and certificated so that the material specifications can be easily found out.

The dies drilling: The drilling is carried out by a modern milling-drilling machine that can produce a high pressure refrigerant jet (60 bar) and is equipped with choice tools that can guarantee a surface roughness and a working tolerance.

Production of inserts: The production of inserts is carried out by modern, precise and reliable micromilling machines that are carefully finished so that they can bear very high speeds.

Tools: Most tools at our disposal can be easily found on the market, which guarantees that processing can be repeated. However some particular tools for special processing are made by our skilled personnel in our factory. The tools for the production of inserts for tubetti, penne, pipe, chifferi and tortiglioni types of pasta are carried out by a sophisticated equipment which assures a perfect uniformity of measure, a clear-cut groove and a sharp shearing in short processing times, so that we can act in no time during new size tests, if necessary. 

Size tests: All new inserts are tested by a test press that allows us to check the final result with a good approximation.

Processing: Every processing is monitored step by step and then recorded. These two basic phases guarantee a constant quality of product and a prompt tracing of the production stage.

Assembling: Assembling and final tests are carried out by our skilled personnel in our factory. At any times, in case of mistakes or dissimilarities from the plans, it is possible to introduce changes while works are in progress.

Third parties: Third parties are qualified and submitted to periodical checks to verify the quality of processing.

Alluminum bronze is stamped (if circular) or drawn (if rectangular) in a foundry at high temperatures so that it can get all those mechanical specifications that make it resistant to the high pressures induced by presses.

The drilling quality of rectangular and circular dies is guaranteed by a modern milling/drilling machine with a high pressure cooling jet (60 bar) which permits a high drilling speed and, as a consequence, the production of perfect and precise surfaces at low costs.

Micromilling machines are very precise CN machines. They use new generation mandrels that allow a max. 0,003 mm swing of the tool so that a perfect uniformity of working is guaranteed.

Turning is hand made by very good turners who have gained the sensibility and precision that come from working at the lathe every day.

Inserts are assembled by experts who make the final test before giving their approval to the shipment.


Dies for long pasta: they are used for the production of spaghetti, bavette, bucatini, festonate, lasagne; they are made of bronze or alluminum bronze and include predies, gaskets-case, round, slotted hole, multiple outlets, single bored inserts for presses of all types.

Dies for short pasta: They are circular, from Ø100 to Ø600, with interchangeable bronze, teflon®, ptfe and stainless steel inserts for all types of pasta or snacks and for all kinds of presses and with bronze equalizing plates.

Bronze, teflon®, ptfe dies for dough
Stainless steel filters
Blades and knives for all cutting devices and presses; they are made of stainless steel or electrolytic surfacing steel.

Penne cutting cones of all dimensions and for all penne cutting devices, automatic and manual, with chromium-plated cutting surfaces and long-lasting hardened steel blades.

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